The Electrically Instructed Person

Basic seminar

- Professional customer certification, hazards, protection targets, protective devices, hazard training, activities, information about assignment -

On the subject:
"Electrically instructed persons" are non-electricians who acquire knowledge to be able to carry out limited interventions in electrical systems through theoretical and practical instructions.
The permitted activities on electrical systems will be specified in writing in the assignment. The practical instructions in the electrical engineering work to be carried out and the determination of which work may be carried out must be carried out by a specialist supervisor (master electrician or electrical engineer) in your company. The assigned activities must be listed in the assignment. The activities specified in writing can be carried out independently.

The learning objectives of this training:

  • They are allowed to operate actuators that are necessary for the safety or function of an electrical system or electrical equipment, especially if these actuation processes are "occasional handling", i.e. have to be carried out in the vicinity of live parts 
  • You will understand why only electrically instructed persons and not every ordinary person is allowed to clean electrical systems or rooms with electrical systems and areas with electrical systems where entry to ordinary persons is prohibited.
  • They know how to properly determine the absence of voltage 
  • Become familiar with the protective distances and danger zones when working in the vicinity of live parts
  • You test portable, electrical equipment with a suitable testing device under the direction and supervision of a qualified electrician 
  • They supervise laypersons/ordinary persons in the areas with electrical systems where they are not allowed to enter.
  • However, they may not intervene (change) in circuits, connect or disconnect electrical equipment, remove faults in electrical systems (maintenance), connect control cabinets (erect) or be appointed as the responsible person for the system (operation).

Target group:
Non-electricians Foremen, shift supervisors, shift personnel, fitters who are supposed to carry out operational limited interventions in electrical systems and equipment


  • Preface
  • Importance of occupational safety
  • Responsibility according to DGUV V1
  • Determination of the causes of accidents at work
  • Effects of electric current
  • Faults in electrical systems
  • the regulation DGUV V3
  • Activities of electrically instructed persons

Events:     1st Half of 2022               2nd Half of 2022 
                 15.03.-16.03.2022             18.10.-19.10.2022
                 2 days                               2 days

Fee:          € 500.00 (net price plus VAT applicable on the day of the seminar)

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