The Electrical Specialist for a Limited Area of Tasks - Advance Seminar: Qualified Person for Electrical Works -

- Further Qualification for the Electrically Instructed Persons -
- Professional Certification, Basic Knowledge in Electrical Technology, Symbols, Circuit Diagrams, Measurements, Protection Measures, Troubleshooting -

About Seminar:
The "Electrical Specialist for a Limited Area of Tasks" is a further qualification of the "Electrically Instructed Persons". Here it means as it is written in the explanation of the DGUV Regulation 3 under the term "Electrically Skilled Person": Similarly an activity for multiple years (at least two years)- apprenticeship - in the specified area of electrical engineering, which transfers the necessary knowledge and skills under the supervision of an electrically skilled person, justifies the qualification as an Electrically Skilled Person for a limited area of tasks, if the personnel should be used for the maintenance and repair of the plant as well as to make the small changes. Persons trained in this way may therefore also undertake interventions in electrical installations, e.g. connecting and disconnecting motors, contactors, switches, actuators or control elements, troubleshooting in control circuits, maintenance services, working under voltage (VDE 0105T100 Chapter 6.3).
The permitted activities on electrical systems are specified in writing in an Assignment. The practical instructions for the electrical works to be carried out and the determination of which works may be carried out must be decided by a specialist supervisor (electrician or electrical engineer) of their company. The assigned activities must be listed in Assignment. These written activities can then be carried out independently.

Participants: Non-Electricians
Foremen, shift supervisors, shift personnel, fitters, Persons who already have qualification as an "Electrically Instructed Person"


  • The Electrically Skilled Persons
  • Accident Hazards
  • Basic Knowledge in Electrical Engineering
  • Connectors, Switches and Installation Devices
  • Symbols of Elements, Symbol of Circuits and Circuit Diagrams
  • Measurements in Electrical Installations and Devices
  • Protection Measures during Works on Electrical Installation
  • Troubleshooting in Electrical Installations and Devices

Dates:     1st Half of 2019          2nd Half of 2019
               on demand                    01.07.-02.07.2019

               2 days                          2 days

Fee:        € 490,00 (Net price excluded: value added tax valid on the date of the
               seminar) (On registration of advance and basic seminars together
               € 855,00/ Net price excluded: value added tax valid on the date of the

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